One on one lesson:

30 minutes: $38

45 minutes: $57

60 minutes: $75

Performance and diploma levels:The session time and fees will be discussed with the student depending on their requirement and skill level.

Payment: Tuition is paid by the school term and is non-refundable and non-negotiable. Payment is due by the first lesson of each school term by either cash or bank transfer. When student enrolls in this studio, the student is reserving weekly lesson time for the term. There are no refunds and no make-up lessons.

Cancellation/Make up:Students/parents must notify the studio for lesson that will be cancelled, but this notice does not exempt the student from payment for the lesson slot.
If the teacher is absent, a make-up will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, or your account will be credited.

Late Students: Due to the fact that our classes are scheduled back to back we are unable to make up time for students who arrive late for their lesson.
Summer Lessons: Summer lessons are available and strongly advised, but not compulsory.

Lesson Termination: The studio maintains a high standard of students and has the right to terminate lessons at any point in time if there is disrespectful behaviour, failure to complete assignments and consistent failure to prepare for lessons during the week. In such a case, a refund will be made for the remaining lessons of that term.
Should you wish to withdraw from classes half way through the term, there will be no refund.

Participation Expectations for Parents:

While most students are initially excited to begin violin lessons, please be aware that they will face challenges and sometimes frustrations. As the initial enthusiasm is replaced by an awareness of the discipline and commitment required to attain skills, your encouragement and praise will be essential to your child’s success.
Set aside a scheduled practice time for your child. It is important to budget time for practicing and to make it happen as a part of his or her daily routine. For example, a child could know that after their afternoon snack, they will practice for 30 minutes or that from 7-7:45pm is their designated practice time. Please supervise home practice sessions, making sure your child completes each assignment. Many children are not mature or disciplined enough to manage practicing without your support.
Parent/Guardian Lesson Attendance
Parents/guardians who would like to attend classes with the child are welcome to do so as I strongly encourage parents/guardians to be active in their child’s musical experience, especially those doing the Beginner Level.  However other guests are not accepted in the studio. It is essential that the same parent/guardian come to class every week, unless it is just the odd time when someone is ill or away but it is important parents do not interrupt the lessons, e.g. comments and phone calls. Parents should take notes but not to interrupt during lessons times, but are welcome to address their questions and concerns at the end of each lesson.

Studio Ground Rules
Be on time for the lessons
Practice regularly and be well prepared
Keep fingernails trimmed short (should not extend past the end of the finger) to ensure proper hand position and good technique
Wash your hands before the lesson. (Arrive in time for restroom use before each lesson)
No food or drinks during the lesson. (Please do not bring gum or candy)